Bigfoot Electro 2021

May 28-31, 2021

Bigfoot Electro 2021


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Bigfoot Adventure Campground
518 Brawley Rd
Tracy City, TN 37387


We encourage our patrons to review our core values and to exercise personal responsibility at this year's festivities.


GA: $179.00 PER PERSON

Tiers I - III

+ One meal voucher ($10 each x 1 guest = $10 total value)
+ 1 complimentary drink ($10 value)



+ Two shower tokens included ($10 each x 2 tokens = $20 total value)
+ One meal voucher ($10 each x 1 guest = $10 total value)
+ 2 complimentary drink vouchers ($20 value)
+ 1 limited-edition 2021 event poster ($20 value)

VIP: $299.00 - $379.00 PER PERSON


+ Three shower tokens ($10 each x 3 tokens = $30 total value)
+ One meal per person per day ($10 each x 1 guest x 3 days = $30 total value)
+ 3 complimentary drinks ($30 value)
+ 1 limited-edition 2021 event poster ($20 value)
+ 1 FREE Bigfoot 2022 GA entry ($100 value)
+ Private indoor bathrooms (PRICELESS)
+ Late-night renegade treehouse party by Hey Man (VIP ONLY)


- Active Participation - think positively & be the actor, not the spectator!

- Leave No Trace - littering is not sexy, clean up after yourself!

- Practice Gifting Culture - be kind to strangers & let strangers be kind to you!

- Acceptance & Inclusion - include new friends into your circle, even if just for a moment!

- Respect & Mindfulness - be aware of your surroundings & know when it's your time to go!

- Radical Self-Reliance - don't be the mooch, be the abundance - come prepared!

- Consent - assumptions are the devil, so ask & you shall receive!

Due to the current and improving state of affairs, we have created some changes to our COVID-19 policy. These changes reflect the updates made by the CDC and Public Health Policy of The State of Tennessee. Various public health and safety measures will still be implemented, but we believe these changes are appropriate given the recent National shift in policy.

Thank you so much for sticking with us through this journey. We can’t wait to see you this Memorial Day Weekend ??

In light of the improving circumstances nationally and in line with the CDC and Public Health Policy of The State of Tennessee, we are no longer requiring patrons to purchase pods. For those who still wish to have their own personal space, the pods will still be an option.This option will be made available at no additional cost. Campsite operations will remain unchanged

According to the CDC:

Vaccines have now become more widely accessible in the U.S. COVID-19 vaccines are effective at keeping you from getting COVID-19. The federal government is providing the vaccine free of charge to all people living in the United States, regardless of their immigration or health insurance status.

Coming out of the pandemic has proven to be a very difficult time for the live events industry. Today, many doctors’ offices, retail pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics are now able to offer COVID-19 vaccinations. Your doctor’s office or local pharmacy may contact you with information about their vaccination plans.

Because the Bigfoot Electro land can normally hold 15,000 people and we’re operating at around 10% of that capacity, we continue to remain confident in our ability to maintain public safety. This gives everyone the ability to distance. Our team respects the discretion of the CDC, so we have decided to update our policy in order to stay on par with the rest of the country.

At the end of April 2021, new information came to light (see sources below) which led to an update of Tennessee’s and the national COVID-19 Policy.

We will still be focusing on the following public health and safety measures based on federal and state policies on outdoor mass gatherings:

  • Screening required at entry
  • Temp check (100.4F+ will be denied entry)
  • Mask is required for entry
  • Hand sanitizer available at gate and throughout the property
  • 5 patrons max per vehicle
  • Cashless / Contactless Payment
  • >90% Reduced Capacity
  • High traffic areas sanitized every hour
  • This event will adhere to all COVID-19 guidelines as mandated by the state of Tennessee

We believe this is appropriate given the national shift in policy.

Thanks so much for sticking with us through this journey and we can’t wait to finally see everyone at Bigfoot Electro!

1. Does this mean social distancing is still important?


2. If I have a pod already, what will happen to it?

When you arrive, you'll have the option of opting out of having a pod if you'd like. You'll be able to keep the pod you purchased if you don't wish to opt out of having one, and we encourage those who are particularly concerned about having extra space to keep their pod.

3. I don't see a way to get a pod anymore.

Group tickets for groups of 5 are now available with or without pods. Single tickets for solo patrons are now available without pods.

4. Can single ticket holders choose to opt into a pod at the gate?

Yes. Groups of 2 or more may ask to have a pod accommodation provided to them.

5. Will I be asked to pay extra to get pods?


6. Will I be asked to pay extra to go pod-less?


7. Will surfaces continue to be regularly sterilized?

Yes. Common sense practices such as cashless payments, 90% reduced capacity, contact tracing and abundant availability of hand sanitizer use will also be in effect this year.

8. Can I still wear a mask?

Yes. In fact, many people will. You don't have to ask anyone for approval on how you wish to express yourself at Bigfoot Electro.

9. Are masks mandatory?

We are asking that all patrons wear masks upon entry and in highly congested areas. Guards will be monitoring crowds and may ask large groups to socially distance and/or wear masks. We encourage patrons to act responsibly and in a way that makes them feel most safe. Feel free to remove masks at and around your campsite areas and when in open space.

10. Can I bring my proof of vaccination and/or proof of COVID-19 neg test result within 72 hours at the gate?

Yes, and if you do, you will receive 30% off Bigfoot Electro 2022

11. Is proof of vaccination mandatory at the gate?


12. Is proof of COVID-19 neg test within 72 hours mandatory at the gate?


13. How does camping work?

Camping operations remain unchanged. Each group will receive an 18x18 camping area that accommodates up to 5 people and 2 cars. If you’d like to camp next to friends please email with your request and we will do our best to accommodate. Feel free to email with any other questions you might have as well.

14. If I purchased a 2020 ticket and have not yet reclaimed my 2021 entry, may I still attend Bigfoot Electro 2021?

Yes. Reclaims will be accepted until May 15, 2021. All reclaim requests received after May 15, 2021 will automatically roll over to 2022. Email with your MissionTix ticket from 2020 if you wish to attend in 2021 before the deadline to be eligible.