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Big Tickets Boosts Event Ticketing Solution with Facebook Integration to Help Event Organizers Automatically Publish Facebook Events

Big Tickets, an event ticketing software company for event professionals, is announcing it has expanded its features with a solution for event organizers to post events directly to Facebook. This new integration with Facebook allows event organizers to improve their workflow and more easily promote their events.

Big Tickets’ integration with Facebook represents its commitment to be where the customers are and empower event organizers with social tools to grow their events. Big Tickets continues to expand their suite of tools to make it easier for event organizers to promote events while simplifying the purchase process for event attendees.

Event organizers and venues now have a simple solution to automate their workflow by automatically publishing Big Tickets events to Facebook to increase visibility.

"At Big Tickets, we’re driven by our goal to help our organizers better leverage marketing channels to generate referable ticket revenue for their events," said William Adeimy, Director of Ticketing at Big Tickets. "By launching this integration with Facebook, we're making the event creation experience more seamless and powerful."

Big Tickets’ integration with Facebook is now available. To learn more, please visit:

That’s when it hit us, no matter the event, all organizers share similar challenges:

This is just the beginning. Making your events more successful is what motivates us every day. Stay tuned for what’s to come - and thank you for being part of this journey!

Published on November 25th, 2019