Publish Events To Facebook

Publish events from Big Tickets directly to Facebook

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Create new events on Big Tickets
Automatically add them to Facebook

A Quick Look at Publish To Facebook

Publishing events to Facebook through Big Tickets provides a simple workflow to save time and increase visibility for event organizers. Now you can create your event, select Publish to Facebook, and within minutes all the details are published to Facebook with a link to buy tickets.

Connect to Facebook

Login, create your event on the Big Tickets platform or copy a past event and then connect to Facebook.

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Review and Publish Your Event

Review your event details and make any needed edits for your Facebook event. Once you're ready to launch your Facebook event, select publish and it will immediately be added to Facebook.

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Promote Your Event on Facebook

Now that your event is on Facebook you can boost it and utilize our Facebook advertising features to increase visibility and sell more tickets.

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