Highway To Hell | The Ultimate AC/DC Tribute (starts at 9 PM)

Sat, Jul 06, 2019

Highway To Hell | The Ultimate AC/DC Tribute (starts at 9 PM)


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Join us on Saturday July 6th as Southern Roots presents the Highway To Hell: The Ultimate AC/DC Tribute band

Highway To Hell: The Ultimate AC/DC Tribute


Highway To Hell is more than just a Tribute Band it’s a cult phenomenon for many!

It’s a tale of a band toiling in bars in the Tampa area of Florida in 2005 and with some luck, and a new agent, and a whole lotta talent and charisma they went from small biker bars to huge international stages and massive events! Then they lived the dream of any AC/DC tribute.. to share the same stage with AC/DC members which happened back in 2007, then playing to over 10,000 crazy fans in Hermosillo Mexico in 2011 and so many more events and shows have followed.

Highway to Hell brings the excitement of a real AC/DC show mixed with one of the most interactive performances and fan friendly shows you will ever see. They are the only AC/DC Tribute act to have members share the same stage with the real AC/DC singer Brian Johnson and Bassist Cliff Williams and were featured on the real AC/DC home page in 2011 for the massive AC/DC Tribute Fest they did in Peru. They know dozens of AC/DC songs and play the entire Back in Back album live at many events. The band is also dedicated to looking the part and having the exact instruments and amps the real band does. Martyn can hit any high note a young Brian Johnson could and more!

Doors open at 6 PM and the performance starts at 9 PM.