SRBC's 7th Anniversary Beer Olympics

Sat, Feb 24, 2024
10:00AM - 8:00PM

SRBC's 7th Anniversary Beer Olympics


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It's our birthday, and to celebrate and to honor the 2024 Olympics, we've got a day of drinking games planned for you and three of your friends!

Teams of four will compete in five events spread throughout the day:

  1. Team Beer Mile 
  2. Beer Pong
  3. Beer Tasting
  4. Flip Cup
  5. Chugging relay

Teams will be encouraged to come up with a Team Name and uniform, and to provide us with your "National Anthem," which will be played should you win gold.

Custom Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals will be awarded for each event, and for the overall Team Champion.

Registration is FREE, but we're limiting the event to 32 teams. And you must pre-register--we don't anticipate offering day-of signups.

Beer-lympics will be limited to 32 enter early!

Note: Only one registration per team is necessary!

A full day of-schedule and general rules are below:

10:00: Registration Opens

11:00: Taproom  Open

11:00: Relay Beer Mile 

11:30: Beer Yoga (in the brewhouse). Beer Yoga is not part of Beer-lympics competition, but a great way to get limber for the event! (Note: Beer Yoga is not included in the entry fee)

1:30: Beer Mile awards 

2:00: Beer Pong single elimination tournament

3:15: Beer Pong awards 

3:30: Beer Tasting

4:30:  Beer Tasting awards

4:45: Flip Cup single elimination tournament 

5:45: Flip Cup awards 

6:15: Chugging Relay

7:00: Chugging Relay Awards

7:30: Team Awards

Points will be awarded for each event as follows:
1st Place = 5 points
2nd Place = 3 points
3rd Place = 1 point

Team Medals will be awarded for the teams accumulating the most points (tiebreakers will be used).


  1. Team Beer Mile: This is a 4-person relay. On go, the leadoff runner will open and drink a 12oz can of beer as fast as they can, without spilling. Upon completion, they will proceed to run a quarter mile lap. They will then tag the next teammate who will then open their 120z can of beer, chug it, and run a quarter mile.This repeats until the fourth teammate finishes their beer and lap. Any excess spillage or spewage results in a DQ. NOTE: This competition is optional, but points accumulated will be counted for the team championship.
  2. Beer Pong: House rules will be communicated at registration. Two participants per team.
  3. Beer Tasting: One competitor per team will be given four mystery SRBC beers. They must ID them by brand name and style (for example, "Dynamite Brown Ale"). Tie breakers will be enforced as necessary).
  4. Flip Cup: One competitor per team. House Rules will be communicated at registration,
  5. Chugging Relay: An SRBC favorite. The entire team will chug a pint, relay style. Excess spillage or spewage will result in a DQ.

    Fine Print: And here's the kicker: all 4 team members must compete in one of events 2 through 4. Meaning no repeats. If Bob and Sally compete in Beer Pong, then Steve has to either compete in beer tasting or flip cup. If he competes in flip cup, then Sue has to represent in beer tasting. Clear as mud?

All participants must be 21, and must sign a waiver!

Savannah River Brewing Co

Organizer of SRBC's 7th Anniversary Beer Olympics
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