Fri, Feb 13, 2015
7:00PM - 12:00AM

Friday the 13th Pub Crawl


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Are you a big fan of horror movies AND want to do something super cool for Friday the 13th in Atlanta? If you answered yes to either/both of those questions, you'll have your 

chance in 2014 when Friday the 13th arrives in June!

Organizers have applied for an official World Record the most people dressed as Jason Vorhees (from the movie Friday the 13th) =  which has been placed in the Record Category "Most people dressed as a movie characters"

So....go grab a hockey mask and get ready as we try and secure our position as a Guinness World Record holder! In addition we'll be moving the Jason "horde" from pub to pub (5 total) before having a final count back at Diesel Filling Station.

Get the date on your calendar now...June...Friday the 13th....2014. Be a part of a Guinness World Record Attempt....while enjoying so awesome pubs.

Hosted by Diesel Filling Station and produced by Main website at


  • Diesel Filling Station (host pub)
  • Limerick Junction
  • Dark Horse Tavern
  • Neighbor's Pub
  • REGULAR ADMISSION: includes admission to event and each participating pub (5 total), 1 complimentary Killer shot at each pub (designated by each pub), admission to after parties, food & drink specials and prizes/giveaway

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    Markster Con Productions

    Organizer of Friday the 13th Pub Crawl
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