Sat, Jul 27, 2024
9:00AM - 3:00PM

Broad River Day Paddle


Join the Georgia Conservancy on Saturday, July 27 for our inaugural Broad River Day Paddle! We’ll be introducing paddlers to one of Georgia’s most beautiful and diverse smaller rivers. Part of the greater Savannah River watershed, the 110-mile Broad River finds its genesis in three separate locations in Northeast Georgia, as the main section of the Broad is formed by its North, South, and Middle Forks. The main stem of the Broad meets the Savannah River at Clarks Hill Lake at the South Carolina border.

Saturday Day Paddle: The 10-mile section of the Broad that we will be exploring during our Saturday paddle is located between Atkinson Bridge and the Broad River Outpost’s Danielsville location. Beginning on the Middle Fork of the Broad at Atkinson Bridge we will pass through a number of Class 1 shoals before meeting the North Fork, where the main stem of the Broad River is born. From there we will be welcomed by a number of islands, Class 1 shoals, rocky outcroppings, and the confluence with Georgia’s very own Hudson River before taking out at the Broad River Outpost downstream.