Sound + Flavor Dinner Series: The South Got Something to Say

Sat, Oct 01, 2022
7:00PM - 10:00PM

Sound + Flavor Dinner Series: The South Got Something to Say

Date & Time

Saturday, Oct 1, 2022
7:00PM - 10:00PM


There is no denying the profound influence the South has had on food, drink, music and culture. Born into it, raised up by it, we've spent years bringing attention and awareness to the power of a delicious meal, the love we find cozied up to our favorite bars and the soundtracks that have set the stage. There's nothing more inspiring than bringing together individuals from around this diverse region to show off that The South got Something to Say. Join some of our favorite, talented, award-winning chefs and barkeeps as they create an unforgettable meal where they offer up their favorite Southern dishes in a 5-course meal, paired with cocktails, wine and beer. In no other area of the country does sound and flavor blend so beautifully as it does in our own backyard. Let the music born out of the South, from jazz and blues to funk and soul to country and rock and roll, set the stage for this curated evening celebrating the distinct culture of the South and spotlighting the bond between sound and flavor.

Featuring the Talented:

Ferrell Alvarez (Rooster & the Till, Tampa, FL), Brittanny Anderson (Metzger Bar & Butchery, Richmond, VA), Michael Gullotta (MoPho, New Orleans, LA), Rebecca Masson (Fluff Bake Shop, Houston, TX), Erica Moore & Raquel Ravenell (Whiskey & Rosemary, Atlanta, GA), and Shuai Wang (Jackrabbit Filly, North Charleston, SC).

Passed Apps: Paired with a tasty rum cocktail by the ever creative and delicious Whiskey & Rosemary team (Erica & Raquel!), your evening begins with a round of five different passed apps to enjoy as you bask in the early Fall weather: Clams with NOLA Hot Sausage Peperonata (Michael Gulotta), Hush puppy with Duke’s and Pork Floss (Shuai Wang), Smoked Golden Beets, Fregola, Burnt Carrot Muhammara & Green Harissa (Ferrell Alvarez), Malakoff, a crispy gruyere and tomme croquette with dijon and cornichon (Brittanny Anderson) and a Baby Pimento Cheese Biscuit (Rebecca Masson)

Following this cocktail reception, guests will join us in the Westside Motor Lounge main dining room and enjoy a five-course, paired feast including: 

First Course: Paired with a refreshing white wine, Ferrell Alvarez will prepare a Bay Scallop Crudo with black walnut milk, carbonated grapes, and aji amarillo tangerine oil.

Second Course: Paired with another fabulous cocktail by Whiskey & Rosemary, Shuai Wang will prepare Stewed Tomato & Crispy Okra / Marsh Hen Mills Grits, Sweet & Spicy Chili Sauce and Puffed Rice

Third Course: Paired with one of Creature Comforts delicious and more complex small-batch brews, Brittanny Anderson will be serving Duck Peverada with Sage

Fourth Course: Paired with a deep, rich red wine selected by Kellie Thorn, Michael Gulotta will be serving Braised Lamb shoulder with Roasted Garlic and Olive Marmellata over Almond Couscous 

Fifth Course: To top it all off, and as if it couldn't become more indulgent, you'll finish out the evening with a digestif and Rebecca Masson's Risotto Zeppole with a Boozy Pecan Caramel Sauce