Fri, Oct 15, 2021
5:30PM - 7:00PM

Master Class Series: Natty Wine for Newbies (and Enthusiasts)


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Natural wine is a riff on traditional winemaking, but a trend that is here to stay. Officially the new cool kid of the wine world, there is something about the new age wine movement that excites us. We’re eager to learn what the hype is about and why restaurateurs, chefs and sommeliers alike are jumping on the “natty wine wagon”. 

Led by local chef Craig Richards, a natural wine enthusiast who’s wine menu solely spotlights wines crafted responsibly and with little to no invention, and Lyla Lila Beverage Director Alex Brashears, this immersive look into natural wine will walk you through what it is, why we drink it, and what to pair with it. Participants will enjoy a thoughtfully curated, multi-course food pairing, with Chef at the helm, teaching us key Southern European techniques revolving around seasonal ingredients that, just like natural wines, shine on their own.

Talent: Craig Richards, Alex Brashears

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