Sat, Oct 16, 2021
12:00PM - 2:00PM

Lunch & Learn: Roots: Reexamining Authentic American Cuisine


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Lunch & Learn I Saturday, October 16th I 12:00 - 2:00 PM I Culinary Theatre @ Epicurean Atlanta 

Many of the beloved dishes we've come to know as "comfort food" "Southern-style" and even "down-home country cooking" actually originated from the African diaspora. They were brought to us by the same trade routes used to deliver enslaved laborers to sustain the South's agrarian-based economy. Over the decades, recipes and traditions were passed down, along with well-seasoned skillets, among families that have dispersed across the entire Nation. By the 1950s & 60's these culturally-inspired dishes became loosely known as Soul Food, and as this Soul Food evolved, it became as American as pie (sweet potato or pumpkin). Today there are as many nuanced versions of Soul Food as there are regions of the country. These regions may claim dishes as their own, but many of the folks who enjoy them don't fully appreciate their origins or the influences that make them so unique. Each of these authors acquired Soul Food as a birthright. All of them honor their cultural traditions, yet each applies creative interpretation to expand the definition of Soul Food even farther, through innovative recipes that nod to both the classic and contemporary American Cuisine.

This panel will feature a one-hour discussion with the authors, followed by a reception and book signing in which guests will have an opportunity to sample dishes from the Chefs' celebrated cookbooks.

Talent: Deborah VanTrece, Matthew Raiford, Kevin Mitchell, Belinda Smith-Sullivan, Moderated by Mike Jordan

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