Thu, Dec 31, 2015
8:00PM - 2:00AM

Downtown Countdown, Washington DC


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This New Year’s Eve, and invite you to the biggest party of the year! Close out the year with an over the top celebration at The Washington Hilton featuring The Dirty Heads, White Ford Bronco, world renowned DJ, comedians and much more. There will be a 6 hour open bar, full buffets, balloon drop and a special guest! At no other New Year’s Eve soiree will counting down to 2016 include counting up so many exceptional acts and amenities as it does with the unveiling of the highly anticipated Downtown Countdown celebration.

Ascend to the peak of sophisticated revelry at The Washington Hilton, the premier venue in DC for luxurious and celebrity events. The venue boasts multiple ballrooms that will each be converted into mega parties and have their own entertainment programming.

The International Ballroom is home to 30,000 square feet of elegance and sophistication. This New Year’s Eve, we’ll be calling this room the Live Music Hall as we set up for a grand stage for a live performance from one of the world's biggest bands, the Dirty Heads. This room opens its doors at 8:00 with an acoustic set from the Dirty Heads at 8:30pm before the full band rocks the house from 11pm to midnight ending with a live countdown by the band, capped off with an encore performance. This is undoubtedly a must-see show and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

How do you follow that up? Of course, with a live show from none other than DC’s hottest local band White Ford Bronco. Let it be known that this high-velocity NYE offers little to no down time with a live DJ in between each set and plenty of bars and buffets for further indulgence.

The Columbia Ballroom also boasts 30,000 square feet of brilliant opulence as we transform it into the DJ Club Room for the evening. Pulling out all this stops for this hotspot, features of this megawatt room will include state-of-the-art sound and laser light displays which set an iconoclastic backdrop for sets spun by the ultra-talented DJ Urban Cowboy among others.

Needless to say, the amenities offered by Downtown Countdown are undoubtedly extensive. However, those looking to bring in the new year at the pinnacle of luxury are encouraged to indulge with one of the event’s exclusive VIP ticket packages featuring perks such as early admission, a private acoustic performance from Dirty Heads, and table/bottle service among other exceptional amenities.

As the sun sinks over DC on December 31st, suit up in cocktail festive style before making your way to the city’s most en vogue event hall, The Washington Hilton. With doors opening at 8:00 pm to VIP ticket holders and 9:00 pm to all, as you pass through velvet ropes and immaculate hallways, you will quickly realize that an illustrious evening is already upon you before the night has even truly begun.

Once you join fellow NYE revelers in the midst of what can only be described as a three-ring circus of chic savoir faire, the party kicks off in the Live Music Hall until doors to the DJ Club Room and Comedy Theatre open at 9:00 pm. From an in-house DJ spinning high-voltage ambiance to fan-favorite acts to the sprawling exquisiteness, this holiday event is nothing if not indulgent.

After scoping out the tantalizing scene, continue with the evening’s underlying theme of unbridled indulgence by enjoying two (or a few) infusions of liquid courage from the premium open bar that will leave you ready to turn up before the big countdown. Following a shameless serving of delectable cocktails, make your way to the venue’s hors d'oeuvres buffet for satisfying small plates of fine cuisine because when it comes to upscale affairs such as this, what’s winning without a little dining? At this point in the evening, you’ll be feeling full of aperitifs and energy as you make your way to the dancefloor for the evening's main attraction, a live performance from Dirty Heads which will take you into 2016.

Since the 2008 release of the SKA punk sensation’s inaugural album, “Any Port in a Storm”, Dirty Heads has flourished immensely with 2015 being the band’s biggest year yet. That said, who better to celebrate a year of milestones with than this internationally acclaimed band? As midnight draws near, revelers can be found enjoying a countdown in the Live Music Hall alongside the Dirty Heads or in the DJ Club Room, enjoying DC's most explosive balloon drop hosted by a surprise special guest. Regardless of where you spend your final moments of 2015, ensure that they count by celebrating the true star of the evening – you. It’s been a big year and now is your chance to close the chapter exquisitely by ringing in 2016 with A-listers, unparalleled entertainment and a quintessential champagne toast, compliments of your host.

Other noteworthy performances of the evening include bass-heavy sets spun by the critically acclaimed DJ Urban Cowboy, holiday-enthused hilarity from local comedians and a highly anticipated set from the incomparable White Ford Broncos.

By snagging tickets to Downtown Countdown at The Washington Hilton, and Lindy Promotions invite you to end this year as you lived it--in exquisite debauchery, of course. Come for the entertainment, stay for the experience as this outlandishly incredible New Year’s Eve celebration is bound to be an unforgettable one.

Organizer of Downtown Countdown, Washington DC
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