Wed, Aug 07, 2024



Step into the laxed realm of Layzi, the 24-year-old artist based in Boston, whose creative prowess effortlessly transcends the confines of conventional bedroom-pop.

Since Carissa Myre created this project in 2020, her alter ego, Layzi, has emerged as a trailblazer in the DIY scene, infusing her creations with an innate coolness that sets her apart from the rest. In an industry where only 19% of producers are women, Layzi fearlessly embraces the challenge by producing her own tracks. Her dedication to constantly learning and the DIY ethos not only underscores her independence but also imparts a unique authenticity to her music that resonates with fans.

With her single "Nothing Ever Feels Right" accumulating over 1 million streams, Layzi's vibey tunes have captivated a community of listeners worldwide. Her music, characterized by dreamy atmospheres and bedroom-pop aesthetics, constructs a laid-back yet magnetic sonic landscape that beckons fans to fully immerse themselves in her art.

Much like her records, Layzi's live performances offer an immersive experience. Having graced the stage opening for acts like HUNNY, Flamingos in the Tree, and platinum-selling artist SNØW, Layzi brings her highly detailed, yet relaxed signature style to the forefront, captivating audiences with every note.

As Layzi's fanbase rapidly expands, she stands on the brink of unveiling her debut album. Brace yourself for the forthcoming musical magic as Layzi solidifies her position as a formidable presence in the underground pop scene.