SweetWater SCREAM

October 25 - November 1

Event expired or is no longer available.

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SweetWater SCREAM

A Haunted Brewery Experience By Brian Clowdus

October 25-31


SweetWater Brewery

Tickets: General Admission Tickets $25 per guest; Tickets increase to $30 per guest on September 15th

The Fisherman wants to claim what is his... With the launch of SweetWater's new 420 Strain G13 IPA, the past has been summoned back to life in a bone chilling renegade. Enter into the guts of the brewery on a quest to rescue the G13 in an interactive haunted journey. Stay strong along the winding paths of darkness and confusion by hitting up our 420 refueling stations. Don't get too relaxed though... the fisherman and his hook are in the dark and looking for YOU!

Hold on to your G13 IPA (or any of your other SweetWater favorites) as you wind through the production facility, witnessing the creepiest haunted crawl of the year.

1 pint included with Ticket Purchase (pick up at check-in). Additional beer available for purchase.

21+ Event

Creative Team:

Director & Producer- Brian Clowdus

Associate Director & Producer- Brian Jordan

Original Text- Derek Dixon

Stunts- Jake Guinn

Light & Sound Design- Bobby Johnston

Costume Design- Emmie Phelps Thompson