Baseball Season Opener Viewing / Tailgate Party

Friday, Jul 24, 2020 | 2:00PM - 10:00PM

Event expired or is no longer available.

Additional Information

Canterbury Village, Friends of the Castle charity & FOX Sports Detroit are proud to announce that the Baseball Season Opener will be shown at the Canterbury Drive-In powered by Emagine.

YOU ONLY NEED 1 TICKET PER CAR (not per person)

Gates: 2:00 pm

1st Pitch: 6:10 pm

Come watch the Season opener on the large LED Screen located behind the castle. Admission is FREE and limited to only 200 cars due to social distancing

THIS EVENT IS FREE TO ATTEND. However, if you would like to donate to the Friends Of The Castle Non Profit you will be given the opportunity to donate while you reserve your FREE entry ticket.

All those who donate will have your name on the BIG SCREEN.

Donation Levels

$10 Base Hit

$20 Double

$30 Triple

$50 Game winning Strikeout

$100 Home Run

$250 Walk Off Home Run

$500 Grand Slam

$1000 Champion


Food trucks Onsite

Ice Cream & treats available

Beverages available

Much more...


Enjoy drive in baseball with social distancing at Canterbury Village Drive-In powered by Emagine. Bring your family or significant other to enjoy the Tigers beat the Reds from your car with adequate social distancing between cars.

We have installed a 14' 32' large LED wall that will be raised up for all cars to see. The LED wall that has higher resolution than a digital billboard you see by an expressway so you can see a awesome picture all hours of the day (Yes, even in sunlight)

Only 200 cars allowed due to social distancing. Each car will be given a large space to keep a safe distance between cars. YOU MUST REMAIN IN YOUR DESIGNATED AREA. The games sound will be played through your car radio.

Vehicles will be parked in order of arrival. Larger vehicles might be placed to the side or back.

You may arrive early to get in line to reserve your spot. Gates open at 2pm. You're NOT permitted to hold spaces for other cars. We will scan you ticket or phone WHILE YOUR WINDOW IS CLOSED so everyone remains safe distance. Meaning we will scan through the glass.

All of our staff will wear masks

If you must use a restroom:

We have two large restrooms that have exterior doors. Only a few people will be allowed in at any time to maintain social distancing. The line for the restrooms will maintain social distancing.

Additionally, we will have bathroom attendants for each restroom that will be cleaning & disinfecting each restroom. Please remember to wash your hands.

Please limit bathroom usage. You will be required to wear a mask or bandana to use the restrooms.


We completely understand that you always want to be with your pets. So, do we... Canterbury has always allowed pets to all of our events (we even have a Pet Festival in August). However, due to social distancing, we can't allow pets during movies. Because, once somebody/anybody sees your cute pet, the 1st thing they want to do is run up & pet her/her. People love cute dogs/cats/turtles/etc.. and might forget about social distancing for a brief second and that's a problem. Again, we're sorry and promise as soon as festivals season starts, we will allow your pets to join you.

We want everyone to be as safe as possible while enjoying themselves for a few hours & creating memories. Please be respectful of others around you and maintain social distancing.