Brimstone Haunted Hayride & the Forgotten Forest

September 22 - October 29

Event expired or is no longer available.

Additional Information

Riders on the Brimstone Haunted Hayride should know that Brimstone Kingdom was once a beautiful and prosperous place. But, that was before the Curse of Brimstone Road fell upon these lands. Now monsters, evil spirits, and various other horrors have thrown our land into chaos. Hopefully all of our guests make it back in one piece; IF they make it back at all...

The Forgotten Forest is no ordinary woods walk but a place shrouded in mystery. Many people have gone searching for answers to the unnatural events that occur in and around the forest but none have ever returned. Only the bravest should dare enter these trees and if you make it back out, you will not be the same as when you went in.

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