Sat, May 18, 2019
1:00PM - 11:00PM



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Date & Time

Saturday, May 18, 2019
1:00PM - 11:00PM


We've been stashing away special kegs for our big anniversary party! The time is nearly here, and we'd sure like to celebrate with you. Grab tickets to our anniversary party and join us on Saturday, May 18 from 1-11 PM. The Hax will be playing, we'll have some amazing beer (draft list down below).

This year's anniversary beer is IX-CLOUD NINE, blend of 3-year-old raisin and date-infused Tequila barrel-aged Barleywine and 2-year-old Bordeaux barrel-aged Belgian-style Qudadruple Ale. We’ve delicatedly blended the two ales to create our most complex and delightful beer yet. Welcome to Cloud Nine, y'all. A 4-pack comes with your ticket!

Your $30 ticket gets you six 8-ounce pours, a stemmed Wild Heaven glass and a 4-pack of CLOUD NINE.

We are also thrilled to welcome B's Cracklin' BBQ for a very special pop-up featuring their James Beard Award-nominated BBQ. Bryan Furman and his team recently suffered a fire at their Atlanta location and so in the meantime, we can support them at Wild Heaven. Come hungry (BBQ not included in your ticket). 

Rain or Shine, we'll be drinking from three different pouring stations: 

Main Bar

  1. EDB
  2. Tropical EDB
  3. Citrus EDB
  4. Wise Blood IPA
  5. Ode To Mercy
  6. Invocation Belgian
  7. Eschaton Quad
  8. Altair IPA
  9. Achlys Hazy Double IPA
  10. ATL Easy Ale
  11. Standard Deluxe Lager
  12. Garden Beer 
  13. White Blackbird Saison

Sour & Wild Mobile Bar 

  2. Maxeys - Barrel-aged Mixed Ferm Wild Ale w/Muscadines  <--Just added!
  3. Smart & Tart - Barrel-aged Golden Saison with Peaches  <--Just added!
  4. Golden Company (No Elephants) - Barrel-aged Wild Ale with Yellow Plum & Jackfruit <--Just added!

RTIC Jockey Box

  1. Funk Fest Honey Mango Wild Ale Blend
  2. Fortress of Sourtude Peach Sour Ale THE FINAL KEG


Wild Heaven Beer

Organizer of CLOUD NINE
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