Be Well Series at Water Street Tampa

Sun, Apr 14, 2024
9:00AM - 10:00AM

Be Well Series at Water Street Tampa


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Join us for Water Street Tampa's Be Well series on April 14th for ZenFlow-a special guided yoga, reiki and breathwork class with Cocoon: Yoga and Movement Studio. 

Join Shiran Sabah and Marley Vigdorth for an extra healing and holistic experience. Reiki is a healing art that helps restore physical and subtle energies.  Gentle movement and restorative yoga to reach the same intention. Landing them together creates space for for healing at the level that the student is ready to receive. This practice is available to all levels and welcomes you into a guided meditation in an approachable way that works for your mind and body! Sound healing is woven in at various moments to increase the sweetness of the experience. 

We welcome all to this event and no prior experience is required. 

This class is free to attend but registration is required.

After the class, treat yourself to a well-deserved post-workout reward and stop by our sponsor, Crisp & Green, for samplings, complimentary fresca, and BOGO offer on their delicious bowls.

What to Bring:

+ Yoga Mat: Set the foundation for your class.

+ Stay Hydrated: Remember to bring water to keep yourself refreshed and hydrated during the session.

+ Towel: Have a towel handy for wiping off sweat and staying comfortable throughout the workout.

Please note, this event takes place outdoors in Via Corazon