Vinetta Dinner at Talat Market

Mon, Dec 13, 2021

Vinetta Dinner at Talat Market


Vinetta will be popping up with a ticketed six-course vegetarian dinner at Talat Market on Monday, December 13! This menu just happens to be vegetarian all the way through and is gluten-free optional, as well. We're confident you won't miss animal proteins or walk away hungry though! We're super excited to highlight all the awesome fall harvest produce, as well as hosting a dinner that's easily inclusive to all of our vegetarian and gluten-free friends who have been following us. Check out the menu below!

Tickets are $80 per person for 6 courses with seatings at either 5:30pm or 8:00pm - please note that the ticket price does not include taxes or the ticketing site's service fee. Gratuity on tickets is not expected but is always appreciated. Beer and wine will be sold separately during the dinner - we'll announce those options soon. 

Be sure to get your tickets by Friday, November 5!

miso, braised pecan, collard greens

kohlrabi & broccoli
sweet onion, citrus, olive, benne, georgia satsuma vinegar, mint

pickled georgia chanterelle, cured yolk, peanut, flatbread, caesar

cooked in ramp kimchi butter, preserved sweet peppers, sunflower, ricotta salata, toast

stir fry mushroom & pumpkin
mushroom xo, labneh, last year’s hoshigaki, celery, almond, seaweed, egg

atlanta figs & paw paw, vanilla, pumpkin seed, fig leaf

Please email Vinetta before purchasing tickets if you have specific dietary restrictions or allergies to see if you can be accommodated.

If you plan to dine at the same table as friends buying tickets separately, please email Vinetta to be seated you together since tables will be predetermined for ease of service.

All guests will be required to wear their masks while not seated at their tables.

Vinetta ATL

Organizer of Vinetta Dinner at Talat Market
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