Free Show: The Popular Guise at Venkman's

Fri, Dec 27, 2019

Free Show: The Popular Guise at Venkman's


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The Popular Guise

popular [POP - yuh - ler] adjective: suited to or intended for the general masses of people

guise [gahyz] noun: assumed appearance or semblance

The Popular Guise is a brand new conceit, reinventing the legacy of The Jess Wells Residency for the denizens of the Old Fourth Ward.

This new incarnation will appear courtesy of:

Jess Wells - progenitor, agent of chaos, middle school drama teacher

Bryan Hall - Dot Line Project, Wet Willie, Delta IT

Stacey Novik - UC-Boulder jazz, Itinerant ATL player

Very Special Appearance :

Madeline Wells - audacious and fearless, eleven years old


This is a FREE event. Tickets are not available. Dinner reservations available at (RESERVE) Walk-ins always welcome!