The Return - A Tribute to the Beatles (starts at 830 PM)

Sat, Mar 14, 2020

The Return - A Tribute to the Beatles (starts at 830 PM)


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Join us on Saturday March 14th as Southern Roots presents

The RETURN-A Tribute to the Beatles

“Ladies and gentlemen…The Beatles!”

And there they are, the four lads from Liverpool, in the flesh, at Greenville Little Theatre.

But, of course, they aren’t really The Beatles. They are, instead, The Return, a Georgia-based tribute band consisting of four members: Michael Fulop as George Harrison, Shane Landers as Paul McCartney, Richard Stelling as John Lennon and Adam Thurston as Ringo Starr. And barring the introduction of actual time travel technology, they’re probably the closest we’ll ever get to seeing the fab four perform.

The first half of the evening is dedicated to the early Beatlemania/touring years, and it’s filled with joyous renditions of “I Want To Hold Your Hand” and “Hard Day’s Night” and “Can’t Buy Me Love” and — well, the list goes on and on. This music is imprinted in our cultural DNA, and The Return does a terrific job recreating these beloved songs.

Landers, as Paul, is particularly remarkable for his very McCartney-like intonations and head-tilts. A few of his higher notes on numbers like “I Saw Her Standing There” were unfortunately lost in the sound mix Friday night, but his signature musical screams came through loud and clear. His voice also really shone in a lovely, warm rendition of “Yesterday.”

Stelling, as John, came across as the wisecracking leader of the evening, just as we’d expect. He seemed amusingly detached at times, perfectly suiting the character, even down to the effect of having chewing gum in his mouth all evening. Attention to those sorts of details — as well as crackerjack musicianship — really helped make the show work.

Doors open at 6 PM and the performance starts at 830 PM.