Smokey Jones & $3 Pistols

Sat, Oct 16, 2021

Smokey Jones & $3 Pistols


Smokey Jones and The 3 Dollar Pistols are not your average country band. They are swash buckling, bull riding, bar fighting, honky tonk legends. Far bigger in their own mind than in reality, the Jones boys pay an honest tribute to classic country and honky tonk music. Its about the show, its about the experience. Its about being entertained through country music with a twinge of comedy. Its about the supreme musicianship these guys have established through decades of studying the greats. One of the few bands left with pedal steel and twangy guitars, they will take you on a ride through decades of country sounds. Two stepping, line dancing, beer drinking country music is this band's specialty, a show not to be missed.

$10 General Admission

$15 per person