Ultimate King of Pop Live Experience

Sat, Jun 04, 2022
9:00PM - 11:00PM

Ultimate King of Pop Live Experience


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The "Ultimate King of Pop Live Experience" is the ultimate
celebration of the most widely beloved entertainer and
profoundly influential artist of all-time.
It is with great honor and utmost reverence that The King
of Pop Live tribute band was formed. For anyone who
wasn't fortunate enough to have witnessed Michael
Jackson's live shows, the experience was undeniably one
of the best live performances on the planet.
Since early childhood, Bobby has studied and emulated
Michael's persona, voice and dance movements. His hard
work has transcended him into one of America's top
Michael Jackson tribute artist. Bobby along with his world
class dancers and band form a fully-produced ensemble
which re-creates the Michael Magic with every electrifying
performance. Bobby embodies and exudes the spirit of the
King of Pop on and off stage!
According to Bobby, "when the glove goes on ... it's time
to perform". Bobby feels as though he is the "real" Michael
Jackson. Now that the King of Pop is no longer with us,
Bobby and The Ultimate King of Pop Live Experience
continue to honor Michael Jackson by giving fans an
opportunity to experience the King of Pop Legacy through
Bobby's performances. Bobby promises to always keep
MJ's legacy alive!

General Admission $35

21+ After 8pm