The Four Horsemen - Ultimate Tribute to Metallica (Starts at 9pm)

Fri, Mar 06, 2020

The Four Horsemen - Ultimate Tribute to Metallica (Starts at 9pm)


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Join us on Friday March 6th as Southern Roots presents

The Four Horsemen - Ultimate Tribute to Metallica (Starts at 9pm)

Maybe you haven’t heard of us. Maybe you have and want to know more. We are musicians with a love of the thrash metal era. The 80’s music that changed the game. If you want to see a show that is truly electric, if you want to hear the songs played correctly and with ferocity.. and you want to be the most important aspect of that show - you need to be where we are live. Our fans are the only reason we exist. Our fans are - simply put: Thrash Metal Metallica Fans. The best in the world. We take the music, the sound, the energy and our crowd seriously. Few tribute bands pay close attention to the precision and dynamics of the band they tribute. There is no glossing over parts when it comes to our band. You will hear EVERY blistering fast double bass drum line, all the technical drum fills, guitar harmonies, solos, bass guitar shredding and gutteral vocals you heard on the albums. We don’t look like anyone in Metallica, our singer sings with grit but does not sound exactly like James. But we pride ourselves in being nearly album quality in delivery while putting on a very lively stage performance. We are utterly decimated at the end of the night. Drenched in sweat, blisters and a ton of gear to break down but we never complain. Most live shots are blurry because we are always moving and thrashing. Proud of those ‘bad’ pics. Means we are doing our job right.

Doors open at 6 PM and the performance starts at 9 PM.