Sat, Mar 13, 2021



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Join us on March 13th as Southern Roots presents

Cash & Waylon Tribute


Johnny was on fire in 1968 and was willing to take risks to build his career. This is the period the Gray Sartin attempts to recreate. With the sincerest respect for Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Three, Gray and the band performs both the classic hits and the modern hits. Sartin said, “when people are watching a play, the actors don’t remind the audience they’re seeing a play and not the real thing. I treat our show the same way. I don’t remind the audience we’re not the real thing. I want our audience to suspend disbelief for the show and allow themselves to be caught in the nostalgia of the moment. That’s why every show starts with, ‘hello, I’m Johnny Cash,’ and the show has grown every year since July 2011.”


Waylon became a superstar in the 1970s with the release of the Wanted album. He became a part of the famous outlaw movement that's still talked about today. During this decade, he had many of his number one hits and many of these hits were duets with Willie Nelson. Waylon had long hair and a beard and was far from the clean cut image of the traditional country artist of the era. This is the look and feel Gray portrays in his tribute to Waylon. Sartin said, "I want people to feel they're seeing a show from 1978, when Waylon and Willie were at their peak."

Doors open at 6 PM and the performance starts at 9 PM. 21+