Roaring 20s Leap Year Gala with Jules and the Gents (Starts at 9pm)

Sat, Feb 29, 2020
9:00PM - 11:00PM

Roaring 20s Leap Year Gala with Jules and the Gents (Starts at 9pm)


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Join us on Saturday, February 29th as Southern Roots presents

Roaring 20s Leap Year Gala with Jules and the Gents (Starts at 9pm)

Grab your flapper dresses and zoot suits!!! Leap year only lands on a Saturday every 28 years - so let's partaaaaay! I know I'm going to be dancing! I hope that y'all will too!

If you are seeking an out of the ordinary vintage vibe that'll have you jump, jiving and wailing, we are it. Jules & the Gents music transcends the ages!

Entertaining audiences with authentic live Jazz around the Atlanta area for more than 8 years. Performing at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Zoo Atlanta, weddings, special occasions, charity balls, corporate events and more, elevating the experience each and every time.

Playing a genre-busting list of choice Jazz standards from the 1920-60's "Jules and the Gents" draws people in with upbeat tunes you have to tap your toes to. J... See More

Audiences are delighted by “Jules and the Gents” lively Swing/ Bebop sound with a fresh style. Jules has been said to look like a modern Betty Paige with the voice of Peggy Lee. Her talent does not end there she is also a highly trained flute and sax player that adds amazing melodic leads. Rhythm section Doug Rolf (Upright Double Bass) and Don Whitaker (Percussion) have been playing together in multiple bands since the late 90's and make a solid back bone for the well-executed choice standards. Carl Basler (Guitarist) with a Masters in Music has a unique funky/jazz rhythm style and plays amazing tap your toe solos filling out what some have referred to as an "ear candy" mix. We provide a top of the line Bose sound system.

Doors open at 6 PM and the performance starts at 9 PM.