Park Tavern $50 Gift Certificate For $40

March 24 - July 4

Park Tavern $50 Gift Certificate For $40


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Park Tavern $50 Gift Certificates For Only $40 
100% of ALL Proceeds To Benefit The Park Tavern Crew Members Now Out Of Work

The coronavirus pandemic is touching all aspects of daily life in the US and around the world. One of the biggest industries to get hit the hardest is the hospitality industry. The Park Tavern wants to create a win-win situation for everyone by offering $50 gift cards for only $40. These gift cards are valid any time after July 4th. 

For the past 25 years, the Park Tavern has been a place where our community has come together for dinners, birthdays, baby showers, engagement parties, weddings, events, corporate dinners, concerts, festivals, and so much more. The Park Tavern team is a family and in hard times family works together to weather the storm. We are a strong company full of hard-working, high-spirited, get-it-done people and we will make it through all of this together.

The Park Tavern continues to provide all eligible employees access to medical benefits during this crisis, but we did make the difficult decision to furlough many of our hourly employees. Many of our Park Tavern team members need help right now.

The purchase of this gift card will help Park Tavern employees who can no longer work due to the Mayor's mandate and Covid-19. Please consider supporting the Park Tavern community and reap the rewards after the 4th of July. The purchase of this gift certificate is 100% dedicated to helping our employees put food on their table during this time of need. 

* Certificates may be used for the restaurant, private dinners, and small corporate events
* A maximum of 20 certificates per person 
* Certificates may not be used for ticketed events