Royal Tea Tastings - 2019 LaRenFest

November 2 - December 8

Royal Tea Tastings - 2019 LaRenFest


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Sit in the shade overlooking our lake enjoying exotic teas and pastries, as you meet villagers, entertainers, and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I. The Royal Tea is an elegantly fun affair, a great event to bring the ladies and gentlemen, or as an outing with your children. The Royal Tea is at high-noon on Saturdays (with a Fairy Tea at 1:00 on the Friday after Thanksgiving) on Hill Road at the Forest Glen. Sellouts are common; it's best to reserve your spot a couple of weeks in advance. $25 per person for same-day seating.

Only 28 seats are available at each tea. You'll learn a little tea trivia, and its importance in history (remember the Boston Tea Party?). Fun fact: tea is the most popular drink in the world and the favorite drink in every country except one.