LaRenFest - Camping Nov 28-29-30  (Thur-Sun 3-Day)

November 22 - December 1

LaRenFest - Camping Nov 28-29-30 (Thur-Sun 3-Day)


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Onsite Rustic Camping

Rustic camping is available on the RenFest site during faire weekends (Friday Night through Sunday). Join us, and your Renfest adventure will continue after closing cannon! Sit around the bonfire and swap stories of the day's exploits with other RenFest fans. Feel free to bring hot dogs, marshmallows, and a long stick for roasting things in the fire. Note: Our campground director is in charge of the campground. A few campers are cast members; most are patrons. Keep in mind that some campers are kids, please behave appropriately.

We have a limited number of camping slots, particularly for RVs. Please reserve camping spaces early.

Organizer of LaRenFest - Camping Nov 28-29-30 (Thur-Sun 3-Day)
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