2019 Rescheduled Upper Flint River Paddle

April 18-19, 2020

2019 Rescheduled Upper Flint River Paddle


Join the Georgia Conservancy for a weekend paddle and riverside campout on the beautiful upper Flint River between Molena, Georgia and Sprewell Bluff Park.

Paddlers will join us on Saturday morning near Molena, Georgia to begin an two-day paddling journey on one of Georgia’s most strikingly beautiful sections of river. Participants will experience mountainous surroundings on the wide, shoal-laced Flint River as it cuts its way through the Fall Line.

This is a pack-in canoe camping trip, as participants will camp along the river after Saturday night’s paddle, before returning to the water for roughly 6 miles on Sunday morning.

Please reach out to Stewardship Trips Director Clark Harrison at charrison@gaconservancy.org for additional details.