The Emotron and Cut Throat Freak Show!

Sat, Jul 14, 2018

The Emotron and Cut Throat Freak Show!

Date & Time

Saturday, Jul 14, 2018


The Cut Throat Freak Show brings a fun-filled night of Vaudeville, Variety, and adventure that’s sure to captivate their audience every time!

"I've never seen anything that made me want to laugh, vomit and get a degree as much as the Cut Throat Freak Show. -those people are inspiringly weird" -Denzel Washington

A traveling show made up of beautiful eccentrics, sideshow stunts and shenanigans, and amazing silliness ranging from "fun" to "I swear I was just there for the articles", all wrapped up into one heck of a party. Carnival style. Start to finish, we have your whole night filled with Thrills, Chills and Prizes!

Let's get weird!

Cut Throat Freak Show! A madcap blend of classic and original vaudeville stunts, constantly raising the bar for what is extreme & hilarious.

It's a team effort! These weirdos are rolling around the country with The Emotron!

The Emotron is a Southern bred solo performance art project propelled by raw creative/emotional energy & original synthy song composures on a vintage midi sequencer. Tron has been evolving for the past 14 years & has gone through many changes of psychedelia to this present incarnation. Rubber bands on the face, green food coloring on the skin, turkey call screaming, & a “burning bush” finale are just a few examples of theatrics performed during a live show.

The project is currently in the process of raising vibrations audibly & visually in migration from South to West in his Daddy’s 1974 Wedding Leisure suit.

Organizer of The Emotron and Cut Throat Freak Show!
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