Avondale Estates Tour of Lights

Sun, Dec 13, 2020
5:30PM - 8:30PM

Avondale Estates Tour of Lights


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This year the 28th Annual Christmas Tour of Homes will be the Avondale Estates Christmas Tour of Lights! We are hoping everyone in town will decorate outside with lots of lights…including lighting up the trees on the verge! To add a little interest for the kids, we are hoping that everyone will add Santa somewhere in the décor…so children will be able to play “Where’s Santa?” as they ride through the city.

    10 Fairfield Drive          11 South Avondale Plaza            

    32 Fairfield Drive          15 South Avondale Plaza


         2 Clarendon Place      18 Lakeshore Drive

  1122 Berkeley Road        74 Lakeshore Drive


  3111 Wiltshire Drive

  3087 Majestic Circle

Avondale Community Club

Organizer of Avondale Estates Tour of Lights
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