HemlockFest 2018

November 2-4, 2018
3 Day Camping Pass
Nov. 01

3 Day Camping pass for one individual to enter, attend and camp for all 3 days of HemlockFest.

HemlockFest-Friday ONLY
Nov. 01
HemlockFest-Saturday ONLY
Nov. 01
HemlockFest-Sunday ONLY
Nov. 01
Pooch Pass (One per Dog)
Nov. 01

Dog pass good for entire week end.

Additional Information

HemlockFest is one of the largest grassroots efforts for saving Hemlock trees, re-introducing the American Chestnut and keeping our waterways clean. A group of dedicated volunteers organize and manage the festival; we are the Lumpkin Coalition, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization supporting quality of life issues in North Georgia.

Saving the Hemlocks could have a significant impact on our environment. The Hemlocks are beautiful evergreen trees that not only help purify our rivers and streams and maintain water temperatures, but also provide shelter and food for birds and other animals. We are honored that you will be a part of this GREAT CAUSE!! Any donation you give will go toward SAVING THE HEMLOCKS.

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